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"It’s not a “Dread mill” unless you look at it that way..."

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February 14, 2015  |   Share:

Be Advised

I have long thought that Trip Advisor and sites like it are great tools for travelers to use to get information. However, like everything else in the world, if you are using something and don’t fully understand everything about it, you may not …

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February 6, 2015  |   Share:

If You Have Something to Say, Say It.

We have had a wonderful year at the Mountain Club on Loon! We have met some new people, caught up many of our return guests and continued to make improvements in order to provide the best service and experience that we possibly can to all of our gues…

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January 3, 2015  |   Share:

Snowshoeing! Get Outside!

    Written by: Celeste St. Pierre Photo: Loon Mountain Adventure Center Page Ah winter time! The season to rest and rejuvenate the body and soul. It makes sense to do lessin the winter, save energy, both of the body and electrical fi…

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December 21, 2014  |   Share:

The Ice Castle is Back!

The Ice Castle is a must see!  

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December 18, 2014  |   Share:

How to Make a Memory

What it is really about.

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December 2, 2014  |   Share:

Helpful Holiday Hint!

A Helpful Holiday Hint by Amanda Houston *Sigh… The Holidays…When you are young, it is such a magical time. All it took was one good snowfall and I was ready for Santa! I would go through the giant Sears catalogue and make my wish l…

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November 28, 2014  |   Share:

Hydrate to Stay Healthy

Stay Hydrated this Winter Celeste St.Pierre We gotta love winter, otherwise why would we live here! Of course it has its challenges, but if you create a little extra time and space in your day you can have a lovely, healthy winter experience. In …

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November 25, 2014  |   Share: