Sustainability Efforts

At The Mountain Club on Loon we’re proud to announce that we’ve strengthened our commitments and enriched our sustainability practices both to benefit future generations and to ensure the longevity of the White Mountain National Forest. The peak of hospitality now resides at the summit of sustainability.


Solar Initiative

We worked with Brentwood-based ReVision Energy to install a 58.8-kilowatt, grid-tied solar electric system. Our 147 photovoltaic panels will generate roughly 65,868 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year and will provide power to be used either in real-time by The Mountain Club at Loon or fed back to the grid to benefit our greater community. The environmental benefit of producing our own local, clean power will keep 102,675 pounds of carbon pollution out of the atmosphere every year!

Energy Conservation

At The Mountain Club on Loon, we don’t just create electricity; we conserve it! In addition to installing our new solar power system, we’ve already initiated several practices to save energy, including installing 100% LED (energy-efficient) interior and exterior lighting, implementing a recycling program throughout our property, and sourcing a 100% local water supply. In 2024, we will also implement an eco-friendly Ozone Laundry system to eliminate hot-water usage in our laundry facilities.

Sustaining a Better Tomorrow

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