Best Hotel on the Kancamagus Highway

The White Mountains of New Hampshire play host to one of the great scenic drives in New England: the famous Kancamagus Highway, aka “the Kanc,” aka the eastern portion of New Hampshire Route 112. We sit right alongside this marvelous byway here at The Mountain Club on Loon, offering the very best accommodations for a Kanc adventure!

Introducing the Kancamagus Highway

The Kancamagus accounts for the roughly 35-mile-long section of Route 112 between Lincoln, New Hampshire in the west and Conway, New Hampshire in the east. Most of that stretch is designated as the Kancamagus National Scenic Byway.

From Lincoln, the Kanc heads east along the East Fork Pemigewasset—right past The Mountain Club on Loon perched along the celebrated slopes of Loon Mountain—and mounts its way amid glorious White Mountains scenery to Kancamagus Pass at close to 3,000 feet. There’s an overlook at this pass well worth soaking in. From the pass, the Kanc descends to the valley of the Swift River, which it follows to its mouth in the Saco at Concord.

Delights of the Kancamagus

Open year-round, the Kancamagus Highway offers stunning vistas in all seasons: from the frosted white domes of winter to the rolling green wonderland of summertime. It may be most celebrated for that stretch of the calendar right around the corner: The fall colors along the Kanc rank among the very best in the world, bar none, which makes it a prized destination for leaf-peepers from near and far.

Besides the grand mountains and vast forests that’ll shoulder your drive, you’ve got the chance of seeing some New Hampshire wildlife on your Kancamagus odyssey, not least that biggest member of the deer family and all around Northern New England icon the moose. (Especially in the early morning and evening and after dark, be extra-cautious driving to avoid the chance of a collision with these glorious, gangly creatures.) It’s not unheard of to spot black bears along the Kanc as well.

Kancamagus Highway Hospitality at The Mountain Club on Loon

We invite you to call The Mountain Club on Loon your home away from home while you explore the charms of the Kancamagus Highway: Staying at our slopeside hotel on the flanks of Loon Mountain gives you the chance to go beyond a day’s drive on this beautiful byway and overnight right along its postcard-perfect route!

Besides our luxury accommodations, you’ll have access to our spa and wellness center, our fantastic on-site restaurant and tavern, and of course the four-season recreation at Loon Mountain Resort.

Take in the spectacular Kancamagus Highway this year and choose The Mountain Club on Loon for your well-appointed Kanc-side lodgings!