Mountain Biking in Lincoln, NH

The White Mountains of New Hampshire—our spectacular backyard here at The Mountain Club on Loon—aren’t just a hotspot for some of the very best skiing in the entire Northeast as well as world-class hiking and climbing. They also happen to be a wonderful place to hop on a mountain bike.

Enjoying friendly slopeside accommodations with us, you’ve got incredible mountain biking trails at your beck and call—including some of New Hampshire’s finest right here at Loon Mountain.

Loon Mountain Biking

Whether you’re looking for the leisurely or the lung-busting side of the mountain-biking spectrum—or something in-between—Loon Mountain has you covered just a stone’s throw from your Mountain Club accommodations.

There are some six miles of cross-country biking trails at the resort, serving up a nice mix of difficulty levels and some great White Mountain scenery. Loon Mountain is also constructing a first-class system of downhill mountain-biking trails in collaboration with the highly regarded Highland Trails LLC. Already you’ve got plenty of high-speed descents to enjoy in the form of trails such as Mainline, Spur, and the partially complete Derailer. When the downhill tracks are finished in the near future, Loon Mountain will boast better than 25 miles total of bike trails, only amping up its appeal as one of the best mountain-biking destinations in the Granite State.

You can also expand your mountain-bike adventures out of Loon Mountain. Consider, for instance, the 16-mile route from Franconia Notch to the resort. The dazzling scenery along this ride includes the famous (and still-dramatic) cliff that, before a 2003 rockfall, boasted the visage of the “Old Man of the Mountain,” one of New Hampshire’s best-known natural landmarks.

Another highly recommended pedal from Loon Mountain is the 11-mile loop up the East Fork Branch of the Pemigewasset River to Franconia Falls.

If you want to take it a little easier on your Loon Mountain bike ride, consider renting one of the resort’s eBikes, powered by Hybrid Cycling Technology.

Other Nearby Options

Another fine choice for sampling the pleasures of our region’s bicycling is the Great Glen Trails system in Pinkham Notch, where a well-maintained system of carriage roads deliver sweeping vistas and plenty of that unrivaled White Mountain fresh air.

Enjoy a Mountain Biking Escape to the White Mountains

You can’t beat the caliber and diversity of mountain biking trails combined with the pleasures of New Hampshire hospitality we offer here at The Mountain Club on Loon. We invite you to come grind out some miles while savoring our slopeside perch and note-perfect amenities!