Loon Mountain Updates & More

There’ll be a very exciting addition to Loon Mountain’s renowned slopes awaiting you this winter.

The resort is currently wrapping up installation of the Kancamagus 8, or “Kanc 8,” which brings what’s widely regarded as the most advanced chairlift in the world to Loon.

Come stay with us at The Mountain Club on Loon, where you’ll enjoy slopeside accommodations on Loon Mountain and the chance to be among the first riders to enjoy this quite magnificent, state-of-the-art machine.

Introducing the Kanc 8

The Kanc 8 is the Loon’s very own D-Line Doppelmayr eight-seat chairlift, brought to the White Mountains of New Hampshire from its production facility in Austria. Covering 18 feet per second, this is the speediest eight-place chairlift on the planet and a feat of modern ski-technology engineering.

The Kanc 8 boasts ergonomic heated seats, an automatic restraining bar, individual footrests, and a tinted bubble, plus energy-efficient, “whisper-quiet” operation courtesy of its gearless Doppelmayr Direct Drive. This winter, it’ll be toting 3,500 skiers every hour up the beloved slopes of Loon Mountain, treating them to covered, weatherproof loading to boot.

In summertime, meanwhile, the Kanc 8 will happily haul mountain bikers upslope to experience the thrills of this all-season resort’s outstanding trail system.

Loon Mountain’s Flight Path: 2030

This new addition to Loon Mountain’s many fabulous amenities replaces the resort’s Kancamagus Express Quad, and is part of its Flight Path: 2030 vision calling for innovative and sustainable development to make one of the finest ski resorts in New England even better in the coming years.

You can learn more about the Kanc 8–and watch videos and read updates detailing its installation process at Loon Mountain—right here.

Experience the Kanc 8 This Winter at The Mountain Club on Loon

Be a part of a brand-new chapter for Loon Mountain this winter by riding the zippy, decked-out Kanc 8 chairlift while enjoying unbeatable slopeside hospitality here at The Mountain Club on Loon. We’ll treat you to fabulous, über-comfortable rooms and suites, fine onsite dining at Seasons and the Black Diamond Pub, and the facilities and treatments of our Mountain Spa & Wellness Center. A good soak or a massage feels heavenly after some quality time on the slopes of Loon Mountain, needless to say!

We look forward to welcoming you to The Mountain Club this winter, and introducing you to the wonders of the groundbreaking Kanc 8!