Is it the work? The family atmosphere? The free skiing?

Here’s what they have to say

“If we look at life in different segments such as social life, solitude, free time, and work, we realize that work is a large portion of our existence. With that being said, our work environment plays a major role in our overall happiness. For me, this is where the Mountain Club stands out amongst the rest. I have the privilege of being around some of the kindest, compassionate, intelligent, and creative individuals I’ve ever known. Each of them adds a unique value to creating a fulfilling and fun work experience. The managers lead by example and praise. Individual talents are noticed and cultivated, yielding employees that feel empowered and motivated. Working here has become a second family to me. We treat each other fair yet hold ourselves accountable to share the responsibilities. There are morals and core values that are proudly upheld everyday. I wake with enthusiasm to be here and head home reflecting on a good day.  It’s these simple reasons and more as to why I love working at the Mountain Club.”

– Caleb
Spa & Wellness Center

“My name is Joel and I have been an employee at the Mountain Club on Loon since December, 2019. My job is painting and drywall throughout the entire hotel. I would like to take the time to talk about my role and the great staff and people that I work for. We have a great team throughout the facility and we all come together when we need to. If one department needs a hand on a special project, we will pull together to assist without hesitation. We all win this way. We also have a great reputation in the community and the folks staying at the resort leave with a smile on their face.
In my short time at the Mountain Club I am thrilled to be working here and look forward to coming to work every day.”

– Joel
Engineering Department

“It is my opinion that the Mountain Club on Loon is one of the best places to work in Lincoln, not because of the competitive wage and benefits they offer, but because of the people I work with. All employees are friendly, caring, and supportive of one another. It truly is a team effort here as evidenced when all departments assist each other to provide the best possible experience for guests during busy times like school vacation weeks or foliage season. I believe that the management of the Mountain Club does a solid job in cultivating this supportive culture by holding staff BBQ’s, Christmas parties, Housekeeping Olympics as well as providing staff recognition in various forms (longevity bonuses, ski passes, holiday gift cards, etc.). In October of this year, it will be my 5-year anniversary at the Mountain club. I choose to stay here not for the love of the job or the paycheck. I stay because I feel valued, supported, and cared for as a member of the family.”

– LeeAnn

“My name is Richard and I have worked in different capacities within the reservations and front desk departments at the Mountain Club on Loon for four years. We are a family friendly resort, with many great amenities for guests. What is great about the Mountain Club is that these amenities are extended to employees and their families, as well. There are opportunities for growth and advancement within the company. Management supports employee efforts to provide a positive experience for all guests. I truly feel acknowledged and appreciated for a job well done. We are a forward-thinking workplace that promotes diversity and equality among our employees. This truly is a “Work Here, Play Here” company that I am proud to be a part of.”

– Richard
Front Desk, Reservations

“My name is Addy and I started working here a year ago. I absolutely love working at the Mountain Club in the Black Diamond Pub. It is a great job; everyone is wonderful to work with. We work hard and always as a team. I think I’ll be here for a while.”

– Addy
Black Diamond Pub