Ordering begins at 6:30am for 7:30am delivery. Orders made after 7:30 will have a 20-30 minute wait time.
All orders come with a choice of either a 12oz cup of Regular or Decaf coffee or a 10oz bottle of Orange Juice

Traditional Breakfast

Breakfast Plate $12.00 (GF)
2 Eggs, Bacon, Sausage, Mountain Club Home fries, and a Side of White Toast
Oatmeal $8.00
Organic Irish Steel Cut Oatmeal with Brown Sugar, Blueberries, and Toasted Almonds

Hearty Breakfast

Chef John’s Biscuits and Gravy $14.00
2 eggs with Cabot Cheddar cheese, over house made sausage gravy and griddled buttermilk biscuits with a side of Bacon
Breakfast Pizza $14.00
Cheddar cheese Sauce, Breakfast Sausage, Peppers, Onions, Mozzarella cheese, Three Sunny Side Eggs, Sriracha hot sauce
Black Diamond Bowl $16.00
A layered breakfast bowl of Home Fries, Mushrooms, Onions, and Peppers, Sausage Gravy, Scrambled Eggs, Cabot Cheddar cheese


The Basic Breakfast Sandwich $6.00 (GF)
Fried Egg, Bacon and American cheese on a Griddled Bagel
The Highland Games Sandwich $9.00 (GF)
Griddled Bagel, Garlic Aioli, Bacon, Spinach, Tomato, Two Fried Eggs, Cheddar Cheese
The Hiker $7.00 (GF)
Griddled Bagel, Fried Egg, Spinach, Tomato, Cheddar cheese, Sriracha
The Biker $7.00 (GF)
Griddled Bagel, Peanut Butter, Bacon, banana

Coffee $2.00/ Orange Juice $2.00


Please call in your orders to 603.745.2244 X5267
Please include your name, room number (we except room charges only) and cell phone for confirmation text when order is ready.
Please no substitutions.


We will send a text message when your order is ready for pick up.
Please follow our social distancing markers in pickup line and only have 2 people come to pick up the order. We recommend wearing your mask. Have your name and room number ready when approaching pick up table. 
Unfortunately we are unable to make last minute food changes.