Eminence Massage

50 min / $120 | 80 min / $175
Relax and nourish your skin with this medium pressure full body massage. A gentle dry brush exfoliation will prepare your skin for a luxurious massage using a rich Eminence body lotion. Reduce stress and enjoy fresher looking skin.

Relaxation Massage

50 min / $100 | 80 min / $165
This traditional massage offers full-body relaxation with light to medium pressure flowing strokes. A great massage for individuals with joint stiffness, fatigue or stress.

Aromatherapy Massage

50 min / $115 | 80 min / $175
Healing, plant derived essential oils unite with the benefits of massage therapy. In this massage, you select the unique aromatherapy blend that best speaks to you and your needs.

Hot Stone Massage

50 min / $120 | 80 min / $180
Smooth heated basalt stones massage the body, creating a deep state of relaxation. The heat penetrates and relaxes the muscles, melting away all of your tension.

Deep Tissue Massage

50 min / $120 | 80 min / $180
The therapeutic art of deep tissue massage addresses specific tension in the muscles and connective tissues, benefiting tired, aching muscles and chronic pain. Communication with your therapist is very important to ensure ideal pressure.

Prenatal Massage

50 min / $110
A soothing massage for the expectant mother in her second or third trimester to relieve muscle aches, joint pain, improve sleep and reduce anxiety. A body cushion and pillows are used to create the most comfortable position.

Custom Massage

50 min / $130 | 80 min / $190
After a detailed consultation with your massage therapist, a specialized massage will be created just for you. incorporating the combination of skills unique to your therapist, your concerns will be addressed as a whole; mind, body and soul.


50 min / $110
Reflex areas on the hands, feet and scalp are stimulated with deep pressure to relax and rejuvenate the whole body.


50 min / $110
Reiki is a powerful yet gentle way to remove energy blocks and promote self-healing. Can be a touch or non-touch treatment.

Raindrop Therapy

50 min / $125
This therapy integrates massage and nine highly antimicrobial, antispasmodic, analgesic, antiviral essential oils that reduce inflammation, promote healing, and improve circulation.

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