You Talk and All I Hear is "Blog Blog Blog"

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by: Amanda Houston

I talk to a lot of people every day. I talk to guests in the hotel, I talk to guests and potential guests on the phone, I talk to total strangers on the sidewalk on my way home, while I am out walking my dogs, in the grocery store, in restaurants and wherever else I happen to be.

I answer questions, give recommendations on a variety of topics, and give directions and general opinions. Not only am I more than happy to do it; I LOVE TO DO IT!!! I want to help people enjoy their visit to the area. I have lived and worked here for so long that I'm just full of helpful hints and other useful information!

With all of this in mind, this “Blog Blog Blog” series will be all about the various topics that area visitors ask about. To get us started on this journey, I would like to share some fabulous websites that you should bookmark and refer to any time you are planning a trip to the fabulous White Mountains of New Hampshire!

If you are visiting the area, I hope I can help make it a great visit!

You keep on talking, and I will keep on blogging!

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