What to Bring on your Ultimate Ski Trip

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shutterstock_793193725.jpgWinter in New Hampshire brings lots of fun activities to the mountainside, and you’re going to want to make sure skiing is on your list this year. With the last few months of winter lingering around, you still have plenty of time to hit the slopes for some winter fun, but you might be wondering what you need? At the Mountain Club on Loon, we’ve got lots of rooms and suites to decompress after a day skiing but what you need to have with you is just as important as getting outside and breathing in the fresh, winter air. Below we’ve curated a list of what you’ll want to have in your suitcase, the ski gear you’ll need, and how you can get some lesson at Loon Mountain NH.

Clothing to Bring

One of the most significant parts of planning any vacation is what to bring and pack with you for your trip. Winter time means you’ll probably need larger luggage to ensure warm clothes make it to your destination. The basics for ski clothing include your base layer, your mid-layer, and your outer-layer. Base layers are essential for keeping you warm we recommend thermal tops and bottoms while your mid-layer can have fleece and you’ll want the outer layer to be waterproof.  Don’t forget a warm hat, gloves, socks, neck warmer like a balaclava, and goggles.

Ski Gear

If you plan on bringing your gear to use you won’t want to forget your boots, skis/snowboard, poles, helmet, and goggles. These items are essential for anyone on the hills especially if you’re hoping to get out on the snowy mountain. If you need to purchase rentals, Loon mountain offers equipment rentals for visitors.

Lessons at Loon

While the Mountain Club on Loon is quite literally on Loon Mountain, you’ll want to enjoy all the experiences that this location offers in the wintertime. Check out the equipment rentals in case you opt to not bringing your gear, or you need some extra practice with their group lessons, private lessons, and seasonal programs throughout the season.

However, you choose to spend your winter days and nights, make sure you stay at the Mountain Club on Loon! You’ll enjoy unprecedented views of Loon Mountain NH and all the excellent activities such as skiing, snowboarding, zip lining, and so much more. All you have to do now is book your vacation today to experience the last couple of months of the snowiest season!   


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