There is still time for winter in Lincoln New Hampshire

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Some people can not wait for spring and warm weather but we are grasping on to the last days of winter. In Lincoln New Hampshire there is still time to hit the slopes! At Loon Mountain there are events you can not miss. From the last day of snowboarding to the slushpool party. At The Mountain Club On Loon, we are here to make sure that you enjoy the last days of winter and get out on the slopes one last time.

Mountain Events

Slushpool Party and Wet Tug-O-War

It's been a long winter, so celebrate spring in style with the Slushpool Party and Wet Tug-O-War April 8th. The Slushpool Party is a spring tradition at Loon Mountain. The party is a magical event in which skiers and riders try (and most often fail) to skim across a pond of ice-cold water.  SPY Optic will be handing out prizes for Best Tidal Wave and Wildest Costume! Registration starts at 9:30am-11:30 am and is limited to 75 participants. The event starts at 12:30 pm and awards will be handed out at 1:45 pm. At 2 pm the Wet Tug-O-War will begin. Grab ahold and pull hard, really hard, or you'll end up in the deep end. It's a back & forth battle where randomly formed teams of 8 try to pull their competitors into the icy cold slushpool. Winning teams move on to the finals where they'll tug for the title. Champions will walk home with new gear from SPY Optic and dry clothes - hopefully. Registration begins at 9:30am-11:30 am and awards will be handed out after the event at 2:30 pm. If you're not a crazy person and don't want to enter either event and get dunked into freezing water that is okay! You will love watching other people take on the challenge. The pool is conveniently located at the base of Seven Brothers trail mere feet from the Octagon Lodge; you'll have a ringside seat to all the mayhem.

Loon EveryLastDay

Anytime you roll into one of the award-winning terrain parks at Loon Mountain, you are sure to find many unique features and creative setups that you've only dreamt about. Sunday, April 16 will be the final day of the winter season and will not be an exception to that commitment. We're going to have one final jam session of the season. Loon Every-Last-Day is a thank all the park fans. No judges. No entry fees. No divisions. No pressure. Just a celebration of winter in the parks.

After a long day of enjoying the last winter has to offer enjoy a beverage and amazing food in The Black Diamond Pub. Whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner you will enjoy the great atmosphere our pub provides. The Mountain Club On Loon makes it enjoyable and easy for you to get out one last time to hit the slopes. Whether you are joining in on the fun or there to watch we will make sure that your time in Lincoln New Hampshire is exactly what you need. There is no time to waste so before you put away your winter gear plan one last trip to the mountain!

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