The Tradition Continues

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Tradition what is it?

When I think of tradition, I think of the Easter Egg Hunt we have at my Grandparent’s house that has been taking place since before I was born. I think of the Lilac Festival and parade that takes place in my hometown of Lisbon NH every year. I think of the holidays and the little things that we do as a family.

There are so many types of traditions in the world and they vary by region and culture. Some are simple and some are controversial. Then there are those that are educational and fun. Those that give people an opportunity to fully embrace another culture and to appreciate it.

There is just such a tradition that takes place at Loon Mountain every year and that tradition is the gathering of the Scottish Clans for the New Hampshire Highland Games & Festival!

This heavily attended event has been a longstanding tradition here for the Clans themselves as well as surrounding communities and people from all over the country! This year will be the 39th New Hampshire Highland Games & Festival!


“The New Hampshire Highland Games & Festival, the largest and most diverse Scottish cultural festival in the Northeast, is presented by The New Hampshire Gathering of the Scottish Clans, Inc., a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the furtherance of the music, dance, athletics and customs of the Scottish people and to the continuance of the Gaelic culture.  Always starting on the third Friday of each September, there are three full days of activities that offer something for everyone and include competitions (Highland Dance, Piping, Drumming, Pipe Bands, Fiddle, Harp, Scottish Heavy Athletics and Sheep Dog Trials), Clan Village, Vendor Villages, multiple World-Class venues, Seminars, Whisky Tastings, Living History area and so much more!” 


I personally think that it is important to have events like this. It is this type of tradition that helps people start new traditions. We have guests that come here year after year to attend! Some are here to compete in the games and some are just here to enjoy the festivities.

If you are looking for a way to completely immerse yourself in another culture and learn about its rich heritage, this is really a great event to attend!





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