The Changing Seasons

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Normally when a person thinks about the 4 seasons, in NH, they think of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. When a person lives and works in NH, some of the seasons have a different names based on the person and often based on the industry. It is important to note that out of all of these that I will list, everyone has their own favorites and none of the seasons are bad; like the “normal” 4 seasons, they are all just different. Because most of my experience is in the hotel industry, I will be giving my version of the seasons.

Summer: There is no need to guild the lily when it comes to this season. We all know what it is, we know what happens during this time and most people love it! There is such a wide variety of things to do in NH in the Summer. There is, literally, something for everyone! Hiking, biking, fishing, site seeing, moose tours and tons of area attractions!

Motor Coach Season: This season is my favorite season for few reasons; the foliage is stunning where I live and work, the weather becomes (in my own definition) perfect! On the hotel side of things, the resort becomes filled with busloads of happy people that are just as excited about the leaves and weather as I am!

Off Season: The time between Motor Coach Season and Ski Season.

Ski Season: While Summer is the busiest season in the area in general, ski season is the busiest season at the hotel. The proximity of our hotel to the slopes has everything to do with that! While I am not a snow sports person, I still enjoy seeing all the people out on the slopes enjoying themselves!

Off Season: The time between Ski Season and Summer.

*Side Note:  Off seasons refer to time frames when there are not as many visitors to the area. This does not refer to a time that everyone that lives and works here has off. There may be some extra time taken off here and there, but this is time is vital to the preparation of everything that we want to have done before the next big season.

All of these seasons have their own charm, just like the normal 4-seasons and I enjoy all of them!

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