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You will not recognize this post as being "common" when compared to my other posts, but I think many of you will find this very useful and I am all about helping as well as entertaining.

As you may know I work in the reservations department here, at The Mountain Club on Loon. What you may not know is that I am not the most technologically savvy person on the planet. Most of the knowledge of computers that I do have comes from asking people or typing my questions into Google. (Great resource!)

Well, one day while I was having one of my regular discussions with my computer about how it was either going to do what I needed it to do or I was going throw it in the pool, I made a phone call that saved my computer from certain destruction and me from certain termination due to the computers said destruction.

Let me explain…

While trying to process something online in one of the programs that we use, I became very annoyed (hence the threat to the computer). I called my contact for that particular program and explained the dilemma. He walked me through the solution and I have been so grateful ever since.

I told you that story to tell you this one…

Online booking is something that is available on our website. On occasion we will have someone phone and tell us that they were trying to get rates and information online but our website is not working. Meanwhile, we are receiving reservations from people booking online. Hmmmm, it can’t be working and not working…it must be something that only certain people are having a problem with.

Then suddenly the light came on! (Someone else in the office wanted the overhead light on so they flipped the switch.) Anyway, I realized that I might know what was causing some of the people’s issue. It was what I had learned in the first story!

When using Internet Explorer, depending on the version you are using, (don’t ask me about versions, no idea) the particular site you are trying to access may not be compatible with it, but you can fix it!

From now on, whenever someone calls and says our website is not working, I ask if they are using Internet Explorer. If they are, I walk them through this simple process…

Open Internet Explorer and go to Up in the right hand corner of the screen there is a little cog and that is the “tools” button for the browser (Internet Explorer). Click on it. Part way down the list you will see “Compatibility View Settings.” Click on it. When the window pops up you will see something that says, “Add this website.” It should have the in the box and at the bottom, click “Add.” Then you can go back to the website and notice that all of the information that you were not able to get before, is right there! It’s a miracle!

I know not why these things happen out there in the interwebs, and I would never call myself a hero, but I believe this post will save lives…you know, computers lives. Please pass this along to your loved ones or anyone you know who is fighting the good fight with a computer of something silly like compatibility.

Thank you!  


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