Snowshoeing! Get Outside!

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Written by: Celeste St. Pierre

Photo: Loon Mountain Adventure Center Page

Ah winter time! The season to rest and rejuvenate the body and soul. It makes sense to do lessin the winter, save energy, both of the body and electrical fixtures, get to bed early, and do lessactivity. Though the weather may drive you inside in the winter months, and it's time to lay low,you don't want to shut down completely and hibernate the season away.

There is no such thing as bad weather only bad gear. So start by getting yourself some goodoutdoor clothing. That means buy a few layers so you can ad or remove layers depending onthe conditions. Next is reflective clothing and/or a headlamp. Since the days are shorter youwant to have reflective clothes so you can be visible if you need to get outside when it's still darkout. You want to be visible for the drivers, though you may see them, they cannot see you. Beseen.

One of my favorite winter activities is to snowshoe. You can buy or rent a pair. It's easy, juststrap them on and start walking! Find a snowy trail or golf course and get going. If you can walkyou can snowshoe. Snowshoes keep you from sinking into deep snow as well as create tractionin the snow so you don't slip as much when you are out there. That said you do slip a little, so itmakes it great practice for your balance. You can snowshoe whether it is daytime or night. It'sokay to get out when it's dark, it's beautiful and a different perspective. Be safe and be visible.

Once you are outside, take it all in. Notice the sky, the day or the night sky, the stars or theclouds. Look at the trees, watch and listen for winter birds. Enjoy the cold, crips air. Can you feelthe sensation, the aliveness in your body? Isn't it amazing with a little bit of movement, and theright layers of winter gear and you can stay warm, no electric heater needed!Get outside, embrace the winter, if only for a little bit at a time.

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