Leave Your Fear, The Leaves Are Here!

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“What will the colors be like if I visit your area in September?”

“We are planning a trip for Mid October. Will the foliage be at peak when we are there?”

I imagine anyone who works in the hospitality industry in New England has been asked these questions, or some variation there of, many times. And why not, autumn is a spectacular time of year around here! And on a personal note: it is my favorite time of year! I just love everything about it! Crisp air, gorgeous scenery everywhere you look, apple cider, fairs, and did I mention the COLORS?!

For those of us in the position to provide area visitors with information, it is hard to tell someone that we don’t know the exact answer. Having a local phenomenon be so popular and also be dependant on the weather makes things even crazier. We would love to tell people that the leaves will start changing on this date, they will be at peak on these dates, and after this date, it will all be over. Alas, the whole thing is out of our hands.

However, that does not mean that there is no hope of making plans. This great article by Jim Salge, who happens to be an authority on the subject, sheds some light on this time known as “Peak New England Foliage.” Perhaps knowing a little bit more about how it all happens will make planning a little easier.



The Fear of Missing Peak New England Foliage

By Jim Salge



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