It's a Nice Day for a White Mountain Wedding!

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Picture it...

You get a call from one of your friends and she says she has finally decided on a location for her wedding! She has decided to get married in the White Mountains of NH. You get very excited because, well, it’s a wedding, but it suddenly dawns on you that you still have no idea what type of wedding it is going to be. The fact that it is going to be a White Mountain wedding is no clue at all!  With 4 seasons and endless venues to choose from, you don’t know if you are going to be hiking, skiing, boating, or even wading to the ceremony. The only thing she can tell you that will even start to narrow down the details will be the date. If it is a December wedding, odds are the wedding will not be happening on the M.S Mount Washington. I fancy myself an autumn bride, but I digress.

Try to think of one of the most unique idea for a wedding. You can probably do it somewhere in the White Mountains. This picture from New Hampshire Magazine’s Bride illustrates that point quite nicely. This is a fabulous example of why people say there is something here for everyone! No matter which season is your favorite, there is a way to have a fabulous wedding!


However, at this point your friend has not made any other decisions, just that she wants to be married in the White Mountains. Think about what goes into planning a wedding. I wonder; for the purpose of wedding planning, is the Internet friend or foe? Example: How many hours have you spent on Pinterest pinning every cake you saw as “my wedding cake”? How many dresses have been named “my wedding dress”? Looking at my own Pinterest account, it appears that I am getting married in a rustic barn setting, a ballroom setting, and outdoor setting, and on a boat. I suspect the whole event will be quite spectacular. I wonder how I will work in all of those dress changes? After all, there are at least 5.

Of course, the slew of information out there is not limited to Pinterest. There are hundreds of sites, magazines, and facebook pages dedicated to wedding information, planning, and tools to help the bride make all of her dreams come true! Having so many options may make it hard to make a decision, to wit, I think I have decided to be a summer bride…

All this being said, I wish all future brides the wedding of their dreams and please wish me luck with my winter wedding! 

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