Is That a Bear on a Scooter?

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Have you ever been to Clark’s Trading Post? Do you have any idea what goes on there? Have you ever seen a North American Black Bear ride a scooter? Are you part of one of the many families that has been visiting Clark’s for generations?

I find it very difficult to talk about Clark’s with any kind of objectivity. Why? Because I worked for this fabulous family for 5 years! And though I have moved on in my career, I am a frequent visitor.

I understand that simply working for an establishment for 5 years does not necessarily mean that your memories are going to be fond or your reviews glowing, but this is not an ordinary place, so it was not an ordinary job. Trying to explain to my friends what I did all summer often resulted in quizzical looks and the occasional, “Seriously?” Yes, I had the summer job of my dreams for 5 years. I had hundreds of people to entertain on a daily basis and the Clark Family is simply wonderful to work for!

Two of the questions that I am asked most often when people find out that I have worked there are “Is the family nice to work for?” And people also want to know, from someone who has experienced it first-hand, “what kind of lives do the bears have?” I can answer this question with absolute certainty and without hesitation; the bears are the most loved and cared for animals I have ever seen! They all find their way to Clark’s under different circumstances from all over the country but the care, attention and love that each one of those bears is shown is incredible! There are no weapons or muzzles or anything of that nature used when training or handling them, just love patience, and treats. They are given a balanced diet that includes fresh fruits and vegetables every day that they are not hibernating. They are all different and known by face and personality traits. Of course, during the bear show, they tell you all about the bears, so for more information, pay them a visit!

The bears are just part of the amazing history of this magical place and much of the history is on display in the many museum buildings. There is so much to look at! Old motorcycles, cars, board games, fire equipment, guns, swords, cameras, Nickelodeons, railroad memorabilia, and all varieties of Americana from days gone by!

You can take a tour through Tuttle’s Rustic House, Merlin’s Mystical Mansion, ride the water bumper boats, ride a Segway, dip candles, ride the train, see the Chinese Acrobats have an old fashioned photo taken in the photo parlor, climb The Old Man climbing tower, and build an ice cream sundae in the Saloon! 

Again, my opinion is totally biased, but in such a good way! I had so much fun there and still do every summer when I go for a day or two to visit. Last week my sister and I took my young nephew. He is very into trains right now so he was all about the train ride and he even got to ride up in the cab with the engineer which was very exciting for him as well!

I cannot over sell this place! You will love it! It is a family place in every sense! You will find several generations of the Clark family working in all of the different areas along with local residents and students working there for the summer; some returning year after year, all looking forward to another fun filled season!

A family tradition has to start sometime! Do what so many other families have done and make Clark’s Trading Post a summer tradition!

Helpful Hints:

*Check their online calendar to see exactly what is going on when you are planning to visit. Example: The Chinese Acrobats are not there every day that they are open so find out when they will be there so you don’t miss the show. You will also want to check to see what times the shows and the train rides are depending on the time of year.

*If it is a very busy day, stagger the train rides and shows. Example: When a show ends, there will be a train ride immediately following and when the train gets back to the station, it is usually time for another show. Get to the show early and get a good seat instead of trying to rush when the train gets back. There are plenty of train rides, so you can always catch another one.



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