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Stay Hydrated this Winter

Celeste St.Pierre

We gotta love winter, otherwise why would we live here! Of course it has its challenges, but if you create a little extra time and space in your day you can have a lovely, healthy winter experience. In this post I'll discuss how staying hydrated is important. In the warmer weather it's easier to stay hydrated because you want to drink water, or you notice your thirst more. In the winter it is less obvious that the body is losing moisture through breathing out, exhaling. It's important to keep drinking water, room temperature is best. If you are like me, the thought of cold water when the weather is cold is not very appealing. I leave a pitcher of water on my counter and am certain I drink up throughout the day or fill my water bottle from it when I head out the door. Drinking tea and coffee, though it’s nice to have a warm drink when it's cold, doesn't count because of the de-hydrating impact of these drinks. Soups with a vegetable broth can add to your staying hydrated, but focus on the plain old glass of water.

Surprisingly, take fewer showers during the winter. Of course you want to keep yourself clean, but showering can actually dehydrate the skin. You want the natural oils on your body to do the work. That also reminds me, be sure to put lotion on after you do bathe. I actually don't use lotions, but prefer oil. In the winter I buy almond oil then add essential body oil to it for the fragrance. Almond oil is a thick oil that feels good on the skin. And don't forget to do your feet! Keep all your skin moist. Surprisingly taking care of the skin, keeping it moist will help you stay both hydrated and warm!

By staying hydrated by drinking water, limiting coffee and tea, and keeping the skin moisturized, the immune system will also do its job keeping you healthy through the winter.

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