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This post has nothing to do with football, but I suspect the title got your attention. 

If you have ever traveled through the White Mountains of NH, chances are you have made at least one hike part of your visit. And why wouldn’t you, there are so many different hikes to do!

If you think that all hiking is the same and that you have to be some sort of trained professional, you would be incorrect. Hiking is something that can be enjoyed by all ages and abilities. Granted there is some basic knowledge with which everyone should be equipped before they head out on any trek, but not every hike has to be a trip up Everest.

People travel from all over to hike the surrounding mountains; many are hiking the Appalachian Trail and there happen to be 117 miles of it in the White Mountains. It is really an incredible system of trails and huts that stretch from Georgia to Maine! You may have already hiked some of it and not even known. If you like hiking, perhaps you should consider putting the Appalachian Trail, or at least some of it, on your bucket list!

That being said, the advice that I always give when an area visitor asks about local hiking is to talk to someone who knows what he or she is talking about. I can give some basic information, but there are far better resources than me. For example, I can tell you that you should not start the Mount Flume hike at 3 o’clock in the afternoon in your sandals, but other than that, I am not a wealth of knowledge. I often direct people to the White Mountains Attractions visitor center. They have maps and there is also someone from the forest service stationed there who can give information. There are also some great websites about hiking in the White Mountains that you should visit.

The discussion about being prepared is a serious one. Hiking can be dangerous no matter where you do it; if you are not mentally and physically prepared for a hike, you can get lost, hurt, or both. A good site to look at in preparation is You will learn about the hiker’s responsibility code, planning and safety.

Another site that I would recommend, I happened to have stumble on the other day while doing some research, is Chris Dailey’s Blog. He has done an incredible amount of hiking in the White Mountains and is definitely an authority on the subject!

You may also visit the Hike New England site that is filled with information about hikes provided by those who have done the hikes, which is always good information to have.

The main point to all of this is that hiking is a lot of fun, it’s good for your health and there is always a scenic jackpot at the end of your journey. That view may be a stunning waterfall or an epic panoramic expanse that will take your breath away! But, it is important to be prepared and safe.


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