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I started the “Join the Club” blog for reasons that were based on research. I try to produce content also based on research (best practices, dos and don’ts etc).

The thought has occurred to me that, while I could spend the rest of my life doing research on the subject of blogging and still not learn everything there is to know, maybe there is another way to find out the best things to discuss…Why don’t you just tell me what to blog about?

What questions do you have about the resort, the hotel, the area etc.? What would you like to know? What information would you find helpful?

Help me help you!

Thank you in advance for your feedback!

Kindest Regards,


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Posted by Nikolay on
I commend the work on this weibtse.It is very informative and well established.Continue your great work in the community, the cruise in’s and Car Shows. Keep up the good work and building for 2013 with hosting of more community events and training workshops. God bless all of you. You are an Asset to all communities.
Posted by Cancel on
I really enyjoed participating in your latest show and was surprised to win Best Paint category. My restorer, Mark Engel at AAR in Hampton Ga.,and I thank all of you for putting on a great show. I along with my buddies will do our best to attend future shows. Thanks again.
Posted by Gabriela on
We, the Corvette club enjoyed the Nov 5th show and aptpeciare what your club does every year for the community. As always a great show with kind caring people in charge. Hope to see all of you in the spring. [url=]lcnguqtm[/url] [link=]ixjpsp[/link]
Posted by Pedro on
I'd like to contribute (after radeing through the archives and current posts for the past year) and offer a contrast of sorts to loon day and say that I'm crazy about this blog--and, thinking about it, this blog would have changed my life had I read it back when I was obsessed with Looney Toons and wanted to be an animator. I moved from drawing to music to writing, but, looking back on it, Ren & Stimpy going off the air and the subsequent lack of inspiring cartoons quickly diverted my attention to other things. Back in middle school, I thought construction was simply for people who didn't have enough talent to get it right on their own. This blog would have changed my life back then, but it has certainly had an impact on it now. For one thing, I started drawing again. The blog and cartoon school are really selfless contributions (though I know you say it is to make your job of finding good animators easier!) and important educational resources for anyone interested in fundamentals and advanced topics in animation and art. It's the kind of thing that addresses timeless principles that no amount of technology can replicate (unless the software companies hire you for a consultant!). Thanks for the passion, insights, and, of course, looniness!
Posted by Bertha on
Hey Kelly. I really feel like I know you since I've spent the betetr part of last night and today reading your entire blog. I was diagnosed with Stage 1 ovarian cancer at the end of last year and I'm in the middle of chemo and your blog fell into my lap when I was searching for resources last night. I found myself nodding my head reading a lot of your entries. Sounds eerily similar to a lot of stuff I'm currently experiencing. From the thinning hair to the Neulasta shots and port a cath scar. Thank you so much for starting this blog and even more thanks for posting the resources. I'm not able to work and although I'm currently on Medicaid I still have no income coming in and I'm hoping maybe to be able to receive some assistance from some of the places you posted. I hope you keep it up. You're an inspiration to cancer patients everywhere! [url=]xxlvlyfm[/url] [link=]fuphoyo[/link]
Posted by Adonica on
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Posted by Guestadeli on
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