Helpful Holiday Hint!

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A Helpful Holiday Hint

by Amanda Houston


*Sigh… The Holidays…When you are young, it is such a magical time. All it took was one good snowfall and I was ready for Santa! I would go through the giant Sears catalogue and make my wish list and start counting the days…and drive my parents nuts! As a kid, the hardest job I had during the holidays was patiently waiting, and behave myself so Santa would visit my house. You may not remember this, but those two jobs were the hardest things you ever had to do until middle school!

As I get older I’m realizing that the best gifts, to give or receive, (other than the love of my friends and family, obviously!) are those that are consumable. Basically this means the gift will not still be around in a month or two and I won’t have to dust it. The days of toys, games, and knick-knacks is pretty much over and it time for me to be practical. While I may WANT a new handbag, I will probably get a gift card for fuel for my car. Why? Because my car is on empty and I already have 40+ handbags! That’s why! (Or so they tell me)

This is not to say that I don’t get some really great gifts! There are always those things that you see in the store and decide that whether or not a person needs it, it just screams their name and you know that have to have it! Those are the best gifts!

In this profession, I have found that information and helpful hints are the most valuable things I can give to people during the Holidays. You have enough to worry about already.

If you have decided that giving someone a gift card is the way to go and you are thinking about maybe making it a gift of travel, I have a couple of tips to make the whole process a little easier. If you know the dates of travel, calling the hotel and booking the stay is pretty simple, however, if you don’t know when the recipient will be able to travel it can be trickier.

At our hotel, we have found that the easiest thing to do is purchase a gift card for the amount that you want to give them toward their stay. This way they can call and book the dates they want and can just put the gift card amount toward that stay. Hotel prices fluctuate based on seasons, availability, and style of room. If you have an idea of when the recipient may be traveling you can get a rough idea of what the stay will cost and get the gift card based on that amount. If the card covers more than the stay, the guest can charge meals or spa services to their room to use of the remaining balance.

If they have already booked and paid for their stay, they could put the amount of the gift card on the room and just charge against the balance. That is actually the easiest thing for the guest to do. Rather than carrying the card around with them everywhere the go, they can just charge everything to their room to use the card and then they don’t risk dropping the card or forgetting it somewhere.

I hope you find this information useful, and I hope that everyone has a fabulous Holiday Season! 


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