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When is comes to health and wellness, Celeste St.Pierre knows her stuff! We plan to offer a monthly blog spot to Celeste and we are very excited to have access to her expertise!



Celeste St.Pierre has been working as a Certified Holistic Health Coach, and
Triathlon Coach for several years. She also has a certification as a Pilates
instructor. She has a passion for fitness, being outside, then sharing her
experiences with others to inspire them to live a simple, healthy, loving
lifestyle. She lives, trains, and plays in the mountains in NH, and the
tropical beaches.

I love to exercise! There are way more days where I would rather exercise than, well I can't think of much else that I would rather do besides exercise most days. I thought I would share with you my top ten benefits I get from exercising, see if any of them ring true for you or better yet, create your own top ten list.

  1. Exercising connects me to my body. The body is full of infinite wisdom, so being connected and aware of the body makes me a very, very wise old Sage. I trust my body to guide me to all the right stuff: people, food, circumstances, music, etc.
  2. It gets me outside in nature. Not only does exercise connect me to my body, but it also connects me to nature. I love to get outside, regardless of the weather. As they say, there is no such thing as bad weather; you just have to have the right gear.
  3. Increase feel good juju. When I am moving my body, feeling the sensations of the working muscles, my feel good juju is on the rise. My mood shifts, and I just feel good inside and out!
  4. Expands my creativity. When I am being physical, the energy just flows and all these great creative thoughts come to mind. It's a great time to forget about work, stresses, and obligations. The letting go opens me up to new creative solutions.
  5. Builds more muscle. I am not much of a gym rat when it comes to exercising; I prefer running, hiking, cycling, swimming to name a few. I love how this variety of activity builds, and strengthens the muscles throughout my body. As a result of my love for sport, I get the bonus of strong, sexy, shapely muscles!
  6. Keeps me looking and feeling young. Yup the fresh air, stress releasing, and feel good juju all help me keep a positive attitude and outlook on life which keeps me looking and feeling younger.
  7. Reduces stress. I get to shake off the stressful energy of the day with a run or a walk. Then I am not carrying the stress of one day into the next. I start fresh, stress free, each day.
  8. Social aspect. I get the benefit of being with like-minded crazy people who love the outdoors, too!
  9. Food tastes better. Yes, by exercising I tend to work up a little appetite as well as heighten my senses including my taste buds. Suddenly everything tastes much yummier than ever!
  10. A chance to practice mindfulness. When I exercise I want to be in the present moment. I want to connect with my body, not check out by using earphones or numbing myself by watching television. Instead, I use the time to experience all that is happening internally as well as externally. Every stroke I take while swimming, how I place my foot while running, relaxing my shoulders while cycling, and so on. This is my one and preciousness life, I want to show up for it, and remember it!
  11. Bonus: exercise is a moving meditation. Breathing, relaxation, and movement. It's easy to get into a rhythm, a flow state and just go with it, to let go of making things happen to allowing things to happen.


So there it is, my version of my top ten and my one bonus reason why I get out there every day to exercise. Take a moment to write out your own list. You may just surprise yourself with how much you enjoy it and all the benefits you experience.

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