Hassle Free Hotel Check In

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Checking into a hotel is a fairly simple task. However, there are varying degrees of success. I have put together this small list to help you check in like a pro! No muss, no fuss for any of us!


1.)    Have your valid photo ID, your credit card and any pertinent check in documents in hand, i.e. gift certificates, vouchers, 3rd party booking confirmations etc.

2.)    Do not bring the whole family and their luggage to the desk to check in. The hotel may cover a lot of ground and you may be directed to a parking area closer to where your room is.

3.)    Be patient. It can get busy at the desk and everyone wants the same great customer service. It may take a few minutes, but when it’s your turn, you will be glad the front desk staff took the time.

4.)    You will be given a lot of great information at check in. Be receptive and feel free to ask any questions.


Enjoy Your Stay!

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