Embrace the Holidays!

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Embrace the Holidays

by Celeste St.Pierre

The Holidays are just another day, as far as nature is concerned.  We don't see the squirrels and birds, for example, scurrying about worried about gifts, perfection, and being and doing enough.  They do just about the same as in the warmer months or less.  Animals eat, sleep, play, and forage for the most part.  They go with the ebb and flow of life not against it.  The day light is reduced so they do less, sleep more.  No squirrel is working extra hours to buy gifts or to pay their heating or electric bill, they don't have one.  We can learn from this by way of going to bed earlier, shortly after darkness falls, and throwing an extra blanket on the bed thus keeping the thermometer set a little lower, and the work output the same.

I for one embrace the short days, cooler/cold weather, and reduced activity, now, as I have grown wiser.  Instead of pushing my body to do more, I have reduced my activity to do less, so I can rest more.  But what about gaining weight in the winter, you lament.  Yes, I used to be concerned with that, but again as I have learned to listen to this very wise body I am in and not the stubborn negative voice in the head.  I eat less, which fits in with the decrease in activity.  It balances out.

There is so much energy pulsing through my body as I write this, it's so cool!  I mean the part of separating the ego mind from the wise body, in that I want to share this with you so you can embrace it as well.  And not just in the winter months, but all year round. 

Embrace the Holidays by embracing the wisdom of your own body.  Listen to it.  The body is not interested in late nights, sugary foods, and over indulgence in alcohol, which is most likely what the ego mind is ranting on about, assuming that's a big focus of holidays in this culture these days. 

Yes, I feel the body wants to connect with others in simple ways- cozy gatherings, intimate conversations, laughter, fun.  Face it, many times we just want to go home, but feel obligated to go to parties or family events. 

This blog is geared to people living in the north country of NH.  We live here in this quiet little town to escape the chaos of social living.  Yes, a little socializing is good, maybe once a month.  But really, we live here because we like being solitary, or meeting in cozy, intimate groups with a few close friends.  If we wanted big, hustle, and bustle, we'd be in Manchester or Boston.

So instead of fearing the Holidays or getting a little "nuts", by getting extra busy, so busy that you even miss the Holidays, hmmm-maybe you want  to miss the holidays by staying busy-another blog on that later- do as our animal friends do, slow down.  Slow down, let the Holidays catch up to you instead of chasing them down. Embrace them, which is to say embrace your life in the here and now.  I am certain you will enjoy them more when you are calm, relaxed, and present to experience them.  Time will slow down, your life won't be a blur, and neither will the people you love when you are in their company.

After all, isn't that the point?

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