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Article by Amanda Houston

Let’s set the scene; you are surrounded by the White Mountains in down town Lincoln, NH. You are in a large parking lot that is full, but has no cars. All around you are vendors selling delicious foods. The smell is intoxicating. All you can hear is awesome live music coming from the bandstand on the edge of the parking lot. You notice that there are also vendors distributing something that is not food. In your hand, you have some tickets. You give one ticket to the person in one of the tents and they hand you back a tasting glass full of one of the best beers you have ever tasted! Then, much to your delight, you realize that there are a lot of these tents and a lot of people that will give you samples of amazing beer in exchange for one of your tickets!


At this point you have decided that this is all too good to be true so you pinch yourself. Yep, you’re awake and you are at the 10th Anniversary of the New England Brewfest!


34 New England Breweries will be participating in the event and it seems to get more popular every year! Just think of this as one more excuse to come to the White Mountains and have a fabulous weekend!

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