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I have long thought that Trip Advisor and sites like it are great tools for travelers to use to get information. However, like everything else in the world, if you are using something and don’t fully understand everything about it, you may not get the full benefit of it and it may even be more of a hindrance than help. I will explain.

If you are planning a trip and decide to use Trip Advisor to compare the hotels in the area, how do you decide? One would think that just picking one of the top rated hotels would be the obvious answer, but sometimes it’s not that easy.

Example: When you look at Lincoln NH and look at restaurants, there are places that serve just breakfast, some that do just lunch and dinner and some that just do dinner, and they are all listed together. It is the same with lodging. The seasonal places and the year round places are all together, as are the various different types of lodging (motel, hotel, campgrounds etc)

The other things to consider are the actual reviews. It is human nature to be somewhat entertained by some of the bad reviews and I am sure that some of them are completely legitimate. However, this speaks to my last blog post about talking to someone if you have a problem and when you have the problem. Trip Advisor is not where a company should learn that they disappointed you. Nobody is perfect and mistakes happen and there are 2 sides to every story. (This is also why it is imperative that managers answer all reviews, good and not so good.)

If a company responds to a negative review by suggesting that in the future they let someone know that they are having an issue of some sort, you know that the establishment was not afforded the opportunity to right the wrong. If the review says that they spoke to someone and nobody seemed to care, then you go to the management response. Perhaps the person did care, but the guest was not given all that they demanded when they were inconvenienced in some way, and the bad review is a result of that.

Again, this is not to say that a bad review is always a form of retaliation, I am just saying that if there is a business of any kind that has 10 reviews and only 2 or 3 of them are bad, look at the answers given by management to those reviews, do some more research, check out other review sites as well. If a business has primarily bad reviews, that may speak for itself, but otherwise a single bad review does not a bad business make.


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