Are We There Yet?

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Are We There Yet? The phrase that has been driving parents to the brink of insanity for generations.

Keeping children entertained during any amount of traveling is no easy feat! Of course now we have all of the electronic doodads that keep children riveted (and somewhat quiet) for hours on end. The only question then is how long can we listen to Spongebob Squarepants or the sound of Angry Birds being flung into structures in an attempt to destroy little oinking pigs before we need a break?

For most parents these noises are magical compared to hours of “he won’t stop putting his foot on my side!” and “What? I’m not touching you!” However, what if the car ride became part of the vacation? What if the whole family could have so much fun together in the car that it becomes something that everyone looks forward to instead of dreading? Maybe it’s possible. This is not to say that the electronics don’t have a place on a long trip. Sometimes a nice quiet movie is what everyone needs, but it does not have to be the whole trip.

There are so many websites out there full of ideas for games to play on road trips with kids as well as huge amounts of advice based on experiences had by many parents. There are still the old standbys like your many versions of road bingo, “I spy” etc. but more and more parents are looking for other ways to make the trip enjoyable and use it as valuable family time while they have a captive audience.

Below are some links to great sites with great ideas with regards to an enjoyable family trip with the kiddos and these are just a few of so many sites that are all about trips with kids! Try some of these things out! The car ride will fly right by! Imagine arriving at your destination with your whole family laughing instead of being stressed and ready for a vacation from the vacation. You can make it happen! 


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