3 Things to Look Forward to in New Hampshire

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Loon Mountain, NH, is a beautiful place to vacation to, year-round. With much to do in our area, you’re going to want to enjoy a getaway to the Mountain Club on Loon for a picture-perfect trip full of fun! Here are three things to look forward to when you start planning your retreat to New Hampshire!

Mountain Activities

The mountain has come alive with the sweet sounds of birds chirping and the gorgeous leaves beginning to bloom! There is much to do with Loon Mountain NH, from hiking and biking to strolling around our property and taking in the panoramic views. Take a look at all the incredible on the mountain activities your family will enjoy for a day spend mountainside.

Spot the Moose -

It’s moose season here in New Hampshire, and you’ll want to embark on a relaxed journey to see some with  Pemi Valley Moose Tours! This 3 ½ hour tour will take you through the White Mountains which Loon Mountain NH is part of, where you’ll see this gentle giant and so much more!

Lost River Gorge and Boulder Caves

Get ready to explore the caves this spring and summer season at Lost River Gorge and Boulder Caves. You’ll get to walk a quarter mile boardwalk as you create an excellent adventure through time, plus you’re sure to be dazzled by the granite walls and rugged caves when you learn about the Gorge.

Whether you find something new at the caves, you’re driving through the mountains to spot a moose, or you’re hiking your way through Loon Mountain NH, there is so much to do when getaway to the Mountain Club on Loon! We’ve got comfortable accommodations, fantastic dining options, and lots of on-site activities. Explore the surrounding area and get to know New Hampshire when you look forward to your vacation of a lifetime.


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