Great craft-beer is even better with …
Great Food!
Our Executive Chef James Greene will lead you on a culinary experience guaranteed to make your taste buds sing. Join us for our Annual Highland Beer Tasting & Dinner. This event is always popular…with limited tickets available!

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First Pour/Course:
Our first course keeps it simple yet refined with the basic flavors of slow-simmered comfort with Hearty Beef and Barley Soup, or the classic creaminess of Scottish Tattie, rounded out with cheddar in a rich and velvety soup. This is paired with Great North Ale’s RVP (Robust Vanilla Porter) brewed with a blend of roasted and toasted malts, laying a rich foundation of coffee and dark chocolate flavors. Madagascar vanilla arrives late to the party, giving RVP its signature flavor and aroma.

Second and Third Pour/Courses:

The main courses include the bold and hearty flavors of Roasted Lamb Leg or Corned Beef with tender carrots. The middle of the road courses include the cereal-and-grain flavors of Chicken with Oat Dumplings, or Bangers and Peas, paired with Innis and Gunn’s Rum-Aged Full-Bodied Scottish Beer, bursting with fruit and spicy flavors. The lighter end of this full spectrum of courses offers Fresh Baked Haddock in Herb Butter. Everyone can look forward to the slightly bitter foil of Clapshot or Braised Kale, paired with Innis and Gunn’s Original Scottish Beer, offering hints of toffee, vanilla and oak.

Forth Pour/Course:
The finale comes with the moist, sweet depth of Bread Pudding, with delicious honey glaze; or the homey, sweet fruitiness of Apple Crumble, paired with Smuttynose Pumpkin, real pumpkin and a blend of classic pumpkin pie spices, in tribute to our Colonial Forbearers, 6.5%.

Beer pairs may change but will remain with these four craft breweries.

beerWEB.jpgFeatured Beers:

Moat Mountain Brewing Company, North Conway, NH
This craft-brewer was in the forefront of the national trend, and has been brewing their popular beers since 2000. Moat Mountain brews several unique ales, including their famous… Scottish Ale.

Smuttynose Brewery, Hampton, NH
Its distinctive name is derived from Smuttynose Island, one of the Isles of Shoals, off the coast of New Hampshire. All Smuttynose beers are unfiltered, and are the recipients of numerous awards:  “Top Brewer”, “Top Beer in New Hampshire”, and for the 10th year in a row … “Top 100 World-Wide Brewers”… putting Smuttynose in the top 44% of the world’s 22,500 brewers.

Great North Ale in Manchester, NH
Founded by Rob and Lisa North, Great North Ale began brewing their award-winning brand in 2010. Working as a small, 20-barrel production brewery, this young artisan-styled brewery is the recipient of numerous awards in its short time in existence.

Innis and Gunn Craft Brewers, Edinburgh, Scotland
Most recent awards from The 2017 Scottish Beer Awards: “Best Amber Dark Ale”, “Best Amplified Beer”, “Best IPA”, “Best Fruit Forward”, “Scottish Brewery of the Year”, “Best Beer Bar of the Year,” and  “Master Brewer of the Year”.


Amoskeag Beverages • Moat Brewing Company from North Conway, NH • Smuttynose Brewing Company from Hampton, NH • Great North Ale Works from Manchester, NH • Innis and Gunn from Scotland