Body Treatments

Dead Sea Body Treatments

The waters of the Dead Sea have been renowned for their therapeutic effects since ancient times. The sea contains a high concentration of sea salts with healthy minerals like magnesium, calcium, iodine, zinc, bromide, potassium and sulfur. Two thousand years ago, Flavius wrote that the salts from the Dead Sea heal the human body.

Dead Sea Body Glow

This salt scrub uses Dead Sea salt as its secret ingredient for an exfoliating and softening body glow. This treatment leaves your whole body  soft, silky and renewed.

Dead Sea Mud Wrap

Get wrapped in a warm cocoon of blankets, while getting all the detoxifying anti-aging benefits Dead Sea mud has to offer. Cleanse, refresh and purify the skin while infusing it with minerals.

Ultimate Body Detox

This treatment combines the exfoliation , softening and stimulation of the Dead Sea Body Glow and the purification ,detoxifying and relaxation of the Dead Sea Mud Wrap all blended into one satisfying treatment.

Éminence Seasonal Select Body Treatments

Hungarian beauty care is legendary. Throughout history, divas and royalty have traveled from all over Europe to indulge in Hungarian skin care techniques and exclusive thermal springs to rejuvenate their skins, minds and bodies. Known as the food and agricultural center of Europe, the country has arguably the best soil and geographical elements on the continent, making it the ideal breeding ground for potent and effective ingredients.

Don’t forget to ask about this season’s flavor when you are booking!

Seasonal Select Body Glow

Awaken your senses and polish your body with the sweet combo of Éminence’s seasonally scented sugar and whipped body butter. This is sure to leave you soft and silky.

Seasonal Select Body Wrap

Infuse your skin with antioxidants and nutrients! Get wrapped in a warm cocoon of blankets and enjoy the amazing seasonal scent along with a deeply moisturizing Éminence body masque.

Ultimate Body Indulgence

Get the ultimate experience, combining the invigorating, skin firming exfoliation of an Éminence sugar scrub with the vitamin-rich, skin smoothing and hydrating Éminence body wrap. Your skin will feel silky smooth & renewed!

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