If You Have Something to Say, Say It.

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We have had a wonderful year at the Mountain Club on Loon! We have met some new people, caught up many of our return guests and continued to make improvements in order to provide the best service and experience that we possibly can to all of our guests.

Like most businesses, we set goals for ourselves and focus on reaching those goals throughout the year. We have several different departments here that all provide different functions for the resort as a whole and though they all do different things, the reason they do them is the same…You! The Guest!

There is not a single department or person here that would be necessary if it were not for our guests. Everything we do here is to provide a service to you and we are very aware of how important you are.

Customer service is something that I am very passionate about and helping people is what I love to do! With that in mind, I think it would be ok if I asked a little favor of all of our guests, past, present and future, and readers of this blog. Essentially, what I am going to ask will help you, so really I am asking that you do yourselves a favor…Let us know how we are doing!!!

We want to hear from all of our guests! We want to know if you are happy, we want to know if we did not meet your expectations! If you had an amazing time, what did you do during your stay with us? Did you visit the spa? Did you dine with us? What was the purpose of your visit? And the same types of questions apply if we fell short of your expectations. If you experienced an issue during your stay, did you let someone know right away so the problem could be resolved?

We always like reading online reviews and appreciate guests taking the time to write them. We know that they are not all going to be 100% positive, but it’s always nice to see that even though you had an issue, it was resolved quickly and that you were happy with the outcome. 

Any business that relies on guests owes it to those guests to ask these questions. You owe it to yourself and future guests to let said business know how they are doing so that they have the opportunity to continue to do the things they do well, and improve upon those areas that may need a little attention.

Wherever you go, whatever you do, if you are provided a service of any kind, let them know how they did. Regardless of what you have to say, if they are serious about customer service, they will appreciate you taking the time to say it.


Amanda Houston

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